VERY IMPORTANT: Concerning Copyrights and Contracts.

If you agree to have your work published in “Einstein’s Pocket Watch,” please know that you are giving me your First Publishing Right for NO payment other than exposure.  This means that you can no longer likely receive payment from another magazine, or have your story published in another magazine, unless it is a reprint, which severely limits the number of markets that will accept it, and drastically reduces the pay rate it can receive.  So, for both of our protection, I will have both of us sign a contract regarding this, which you will receive upon acceptance of your story.

WHAT TO SEND:  I am primarily looking for FICTION Christian stories.  However, I will accept some Sci-Fi, Romance, and Fantasy, if it is uplifting.  NO horror please, and NO sexually explicit material.   Basically, I want something that makes me smile contently after I finish reading it.  Something that edifies the spirit.  Think along the lines of “Stand By Me” without all the swearing…and, speaking of: If you absolutely must use profanity, use it sparingly, please.  Challenge yourself, and see if you can think of a “clean” way to get your message across.

LENGTH: I am looking for stories that are 1000-3000 words in length.  I will also accept “flash fiction” 500-1000 words.   (Please list Word Count on the first page).

PAYMENT:  Sorry, I can’t offer payment for all stories.  However, I will offer $10.00 to my favorite story, bimonthly, to be paid via personal check.

HOW TO SUBMIT:  Please send your manuscript in MSWORD only.  Please use the following method in the subject line of your email:   SUBMISSION/”Title”/”Your name”    Anything else might be accidentally overlooked.  Send all manuscripts to:  Peafant@aol.com  

RESPONSE TIME:  Einstein’s Pocket Watch is a Bi-monthly publication.  Therefore, I will try to get back to you within one month on your story’s status.  Hopefully sooner.

I will accept simultaneous submissions, but NO multiple submissions (Please don’t send more than one story at a time).  If you are wondering about poetry, go ahead and send it.  I will most likely publish a few poems per 8 weeks.

I hope to make “Einstein’s Pocket Watch” a fun and uplifting Webzine, and I am truly looking forward to reading your submissions.  Let’s make a Webzine that opposes the forces of darkness.  So don’t keep your light hidden under a basket…Let It Shine!   —Rob Crandall, Editor.



  1. Rob,
    Just wanted to again thank you for the quick response and acceptance of my story for the next issue.


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