Greetings all 🙂  I’ve got another fantastic issue for you.  I think you’ll agree that this issue has something for everybody:  Romance, Science Fiction, Christianity, the Strange and the Beautiful!  Dig in to these stories and poems, and you may just spend the afternoon reading them all.  I hope that you do. 🙂

In this issue we have stories and poetry by: Kristi Loobeek, Snowflake, Don Evan Scott, Rick Hartwell, and Kevin Heaton.  And, please:  If you are the author of “Jimmy Kills The Trees,”  please email me at: peafant@aol.com, and let me know your name, so that I can give you proper credit.  I was in the hospital for a month, so I lost track of some things.  Thanks much!

Well, we will never understand the depth of Jesus’ love, this side of heaven, but we all feel it at times, and it is undeniably real.  He protects us, and is always there to intercede for us when we mess up.  It’s like having the best lawyer in the universe. 🙂  Be thankful for that.  I know I am.  Put in an effort this week to smile at, at least 3 strangers.  It will improve your day.  And, also, crack open that dusty Bible.  Within it are treasures and wisdom.

I’ll see you again in May (Einstein’s Pocket Watch is now a quartery publication for the time being)  Who knows, maybe I’ll see you sooner than that.  God bless, and stay warm this winter…Spring is already on its way.  Take care, Rob Crandall, editor EPW.


~ by peafant on January 27, 2011.

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