Welcome to Einstein’s Pocket Watch

Welcome to Einstein’s Pocket Watch, my latest endeavor in the field of writing.  In the coming months, I hope to provide a plethora of uplifting and inspirational stories.  Please read the SUBMISSION GUIDELINES for more info on how to submit.pray2

Einstein’s Pocket Watch is, for the most part, a Christian publication, although I will accept some sci-fi and fantasy, if it is uplifting.  I am straying away from horror, or anything that glorifies evil.  I don’t like stories that make me feel bad.  I would rather spend my time reading something that edifies or enlightens me.  The stories don’t necessarily have to do with Christ, but if they do: Great!

So, send me your best!  For Submission Guidelines, please follow the “SUBMISSION GUIDELINES”  link at the lower “right” under “PAGES”  All short stories/poems will also be listed under “PAGES.”  God bless, and keep typing!  –Rob Crandall, Editor.


~ by peafant on June 14, 2009.

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